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45 Minutes


45 mins - 10 Lessons

1 Lesson - $65.00

5 Lesson - $320.00

10 Lesson - $640.00

DRIVING TEST - $299.00

60 Minutes


60 mins - 10 Lessons

1 Lesson - $75.00

5 Lesson - $370.00

10 Lesson - $740.00

DRIVING TEST - $299.00

90 Minutes


90 mins - 10 Lessons

1 Lesson - $110.00

5 Lesson - $545.00

10 Lesson - $1090.00

DRIVING TEST - $299.00


We can help you with Driving Lessons in Craigieburn and Northern Suburbs as easy as ABC!!

Gagan Driving School welcomes you with the utmost experience of driving lessons of your life. Our fully qualified instructors have years of experience providing high-quality, well-structured, fun, and reasonably priced driving lessons throughout Craigieburn and Northern Suburbs. Our instructors assist people from all walks of life, whether you are a teenager learning to drive, have special needs, or have recently moved to Craigieburn and require the necessary qualifications. Our instructors are friendly and patient, and they will help you learn at your own pace so that you feel confident behind the wheel. For your convenience and to meet your specific needs, we have male and female instructors.

Techniques Covered

Vehicle configuration
Understanding vehicle technology like ABS and traction control
Techniques for emergency braking and accident avoidance
Anticipation and Vision
Driver behavior and overall road safety
Driving for the Environment
DUI and exhaustion
Reaction times and braking abilities in wet and dry conditions

How do we take the edge over the rest of the driving instructors in Craigieburn?

To protect your interests, we never put more than one student in a car with our lessons. We don't cram our students into a truck for 'observation time,' unlike other car-driving schools. 'Observation time' simply means that students sit in the truck and watch each other drive, and it is used by trucking schools to cut costs and fudge the total hours of behind-the-wheel training - providing little value to the student.

We at Gagan Driving School believe that if you are learning to drive, you should be doing so. We value our students, their road safety, and their effective driver training to obtain their car licence. We do not make sacrifices in order to save money!

Types of driving services assured by the driving instructors of Gagan Driving School

We at GDS, assure you of a range of driving services that include:

Basic Driving Lessons - We start with the basics and work our way up to ensure you have all of the necessary skills and knowledge for safe driving. Our instructors tailor the lessons to your specific needs and experience, while also creating a welcoming and nurturing environment.

Driving Tests Package - We understand how stressful the testing process, including test scheduling, can be. To help you relax, our friendly office staff will handle all of your test booking needs with the Department of Transport, saving you time and stress.

Highway Driving Lessons: Whether you need to go from an automatic license to a manual license for a job or for personal desire or wish for a highway car driving lesson for pro driving; we have your back covered.

90-Minute Mock Tests - During this 90-minute session, our instructors will put everything you've learned to the test to ensure you're ready for the real thing and will correct any errors that may arise.
The session is divided into three 30-minute segments:
Section 1: Driving Exam Scenario
Section 2: Correcting errors and practising weak points
Section 3: Driving Exam Scenario

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